Goals With Soul

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I’ve been reading The Desire Map, and kind of taking it slow, trying to really dig deep and do some soul searching. Desire Mapping is a holistic, life planning tool that helps spur our thinking about our “core desired feelings” and how to use them to start creating some “goals with soul.”

I’ve been thinking and adding to my list when I ask myself “What I Desire…”
Keep in mind

  • Desire is the engine of creation
  • It infuses us with the courage to do the most noble acts
  • Steers our pleasure
  • It is the root of our divine impulse to evolve
  • Desire leads the way home

What I desire:
I desire to be present with my family, to spend the rest of my days with my husband (laughing hand in hand), to paint, to scrapbook, to keep creating, to visit a winery, to travel with my husband (France, Italy, Germany, or even Oregon), read more books, to encourage and steer my children to the right direction, get more tattoos, do charity work/find a way to give back, go to more art museums (MOMA), master kerning, learn the programs, speak another language, try new recipes, write more,  challenge myself physically, to work hard but play harder.

What do you desire in this life?

Foodie Connoisseur In The Making

In case you didn’t know, I-LOVE-TO-EAT. I wish I could say the same for working out right now, but that’s another story. I enjoy various cuisines and trying new things and thrive on finding “new eats.” A big part of why I love trying new foods is growing up in a diverse cultural state like Hawaii. This opened up my eyes and taste buds to explore various kinds of foods. Luckily, the love of my life shared the same passion, food. We have been fortunate enough to have traveled quite a bit in his 20+ year military career that allowed us to live in so many different cities, therefore, trying new food! Today we ventured out to Nola, we’ve been seeing this place pop up on our Instagram Feed and since trying our first beignet in a food truck in Austin, we have been on the lookout for some closer to us. From the menu we tried: The Classic Beignets, A La Carte Pancakes & Sausage, The Nola Brunch Plate (Scrambled Eggs, Grits, Fried Green Tomato, Praline Bacon), Bread Pudding French Toast, and a side of Fried Oysters. (I know random choice by the hubby). The verdict: Yum, Yum, Yum! I enjoyed Rudy’s choice of the Nola Brunch Plate, those grits tho were delicious! This is the first time I’ve had “fried” oysters, I usually like them raw or slightly grilled. So I was wondering how the breading would hold because oysters are juicy and retain water. My verdict, it was alright. I think it’s because I like them more fresh. All in all, I enjoyed this quaint little eatery. I’ve got a few more food adventures that were discovered this week alone. Till then, Happy Eating!

Smile, turned upside down…


Murphy’s Law states that “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong..” And honestly, lately that’s exactly what it feels like. Almost like I’m tumbling down this steep hill and I’m taking with me all the bad shit that life is throwing at me. Just when I thought, “Oh it can’t get worst than this… oh but it does.” Today was a prime example of getting knocked down (over and over again). I literally felt like huddling in a dark corner and yelling at the world, “Why Me?” But, the human spirit can surprise you with it’s resilience and ability to get back on it’s feet no matter what, we bear down and get into survival mode, for me, it’s the unwillingness to let this “darkness” take over. Also, it helps to be surrounded by people that love and support you. There is a reason why God says, “Two is better than one…”  Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Right now life has taken some major twists and turns for my family and I, but I am using this time to step back and find the clarity that I need. I’ll be digging deep doing some deep soul searching. A while ago, I bought a book recommended from a dear friend called, The Desire Map. At the time I bought it, I felt to busy, to caught up with life, to really sit and really submerge myself in the book. True, right now, it seems as though my smile has turned upside down, but I know it won’t last for long.


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Insert Salt -N- Pepa’s jam, “Whatta-Man”.
I really want to take the time to give this guy some “props”, you would think for being together for over 21 years, we’ve seen it and been through it all, on the contrary, our journey as husband and wife just seems to be starting. We struggled as young parents and as a young married couple. Now we are at the brink of our, and I stress “our” life because that’s exactly what it is like nowadays since our children are much older and more capable of handling their own. We spend most of our days talking about our own dreams and aspirations, not as parents, but as our own person. As he makes the transition to civilian life and starts a life sans the military, I stand beside him proudly as his biggest supporter and cheerleader, just wanting to see him find his way and his passions. He’s been by my side and supported my dreams, it’s the least I can do.

Night Owl.


I've always been a night owl, both my hubby and I, and that's exactly how we raised our children too. As a stay at home mom, I dismantled the idea of getting my kids to bed at a certain time and I pretty much threw routine out the window. Granted, that did have its repercussions, but none that really set us back as a functioning family during "normal business hours". So, naturally now that I'm finally working a full time 8:30-5:30 (more like 7am – 7pm, adding drive time) can sometimes be a bit… much. I tend to come alive around 10pm, a high-functioning, creative beast, who can belt her voice out to any tune that comes on iTunes. 

The weekends.. ode the joy, I can sleep till noon (still) and I love that everyone in this house can do so as well. Nothing irritates me more than an early riser who is all chirpy and ready to roll at 8am (party-pooper). Nope, not I (nor the rest of my household). I was especially spoiled when my hubby would work shift work, because he would stay up all night and work all day. We would literally binge-watch TV shows! (And you know I love me some Netflix). Speaking of which, I just finished another series "Ozarks". A very good show, especially if you enjoyed Breaking Bad and you're looking for some "Walter White" action. 

1:21 am 
iTunes is playing my quote, unquote My Favorite Mix. I love seeing what it comes up with from week to week, because I feel like saying "You don't know me!" but then a song comes on and I'm like "Oh you do know me!" I'm pretty sure tomorrow will seem like a long day starting at 9 am, but as always, I pull through and make the most of my days. 


When I came home today, it started to thunder.. and as I sat in the backyard, I looked up to see the way the light shine beneath this particular cloud. It caught my eye right away. The weather here always seems to amaze me. 


A Moment of Clarity.


The beauty is that through disappointment you can gain clarity,
and with clarity comes conviction and true originality.  

There are times when my inner voice speaks so clearly to me that I can't ignore it. Compared to most times when it seems muffled by the noise of my day to day life. I took a step back this weekend, to evaluate, to assess, and most of all to come together, (mind, body, & spirit). Sometimes things are so obvious, like that inner voice, that you know to be right, almost so blatantly like a sign in huge neon letters that is practically yelling at you. 

I have to trust that life has a way of working out, that things will take a windy path that may be filled with hurdles and mountains that may sometimes seem to steep to climb alone. Yet, I must accept the challenge with open arms. It's through these challenges and sometimes disappointments I will learn, grow, and evolve as a person. Not as any person, but a person who is passionate about what I love and what I am good at. I need to continue to work hard, to refine my craft, to sharpen my skills, and keep pressing forward. No one said it was going to be easy, but I know it's going to be worth it. 

But What If I Fail?

"True Failure Is To Not Try At All."


"Failure". Scary word isn't it? Along side "Failure" in the far off distance (which it can seem at times) stands "Courage". It's just the matter of placing one foot in front of the other to get to "Courage" that may seem like the struggle. We, as humans are fascinating. We show courage in the face of some of life's most incredible challenges, and yet we stand frozen by the fear of "Failure." Even though we realize that failure to fail in life inhibits us from growth and growth leads to our full potential. Knowing this, we still allow someone else's definition of success or fear of being judged consume us and prevent us from realizing our dreams and our true potential. 

So what is failure?

When searching the internet for some inspirational speech, a pick me up, or even a kick in the booty. I came across this:

Our definition of failure, and our path in life, is shaped by three things:
Passion, Purpose, and Attitude.

Passion… fuels everything in our lives.
Our ambitions, our energy, and who we want to be is E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G !!! (For me at least). It is what gets me up in the morning, it is what the young people would say "It gives me life!" 

Passion..shapes our purpose. 
We must realize, (And I need to remind myself) that our potential as humans, are unlimited! We really can do anything we set our mind to. 

Passion…defines us.
Once a person knows her true Passion and her Purpose, there is no stopping her. People intrigue me, I love getting to know people, but most importantly,  I love to find out what they are passionate about. There's something about a person whose face lights up when they talk about what inspires them, listening to their dreams, goals, and aspirations, most of all hearing the passion roar from the very esscence of their being, that is when you know you are among "greatness." 

Passion is what has driven me these past 5 years to get where I am today. 5 years ago, making that jump to head back to school was just a thought, an idea that came across my son's mind as he asked me what I did that day as he came home from school one day. I simply replied, "not much, worked out and went to the grocery store.." Then he replied, "Why don't you go back to school?." And just like that, in a split second, the vision, the purpose, I had for myself changed. I took the leap, knowing how difficult it would be (balancing family, work, and school). It took me 4 years to finish a 2 year college program. There were so many obstacles in between the way, which made me doubt I would even finish, let alone walk down with a degree in my hand! But I did, and when I did, the doors to opportunity swung right open!

Passion + Purpose affects your attitude. When you know what you want to achieve, your attitude shifts… and you become UNSTOPPABLE. You wear your passion and purpose like your best outfit and you feel confident, and you accept no failure and you become "tunnel-visioned" into your end goal. You forge through the mistakes along the way and you will surely get frustrated by all the trials and errors. You may even take the wrong path and it will set you back. But always.. always remember (Ronalyn) KEEP GOING FORWARD.. and (Ronalyn) Keep doing what truly matters to you.

When your passion and purpose collide, they become a strong aphrodisiac!

Never forget…

  • It took James Dyson, 5,126 to successfully create a bagless vacuum cleaner
  • It took Steve Jobs nine years of investing in Pixar to make the world see how amazing computer animation can be. As a matter of fact, he attributes his being fired from Apple as one of the best things that happened to him and a reason he succeed as Apple’s CEO later in life.

We need to define what failure means to us and maybe we end up figuring out that, that word doesn’t even exist and it’s just a series of small mistakes you make on the way to living your purpose. TRUST in yourself and the journey that is YOURS. So, as life takes me through various twists and turns and maybe even some road blocks, take that path, fearless despite failure, because we just may fail into greatness!